Newport News Code Enforcement (Virginia)

Newport News Code Enforcement Offices ensure compliance with building codes, zoning rules, and other regulations, typically working at the Newport News or local level in Virginia. The Code Enforcement Office enforces building codes and keeps records on all codes and regulations, as well as making reports about Newport News building code violations. They investigate potential code violations and issue abatement orders, and the VA office also issues permits. These permits may be required for construction, occupancy of a building, and to prove the building is in compliance with Newport News zoning laws. Code Enforcement Office records may be available on their website.

Newport News Code Enforcement Newport News VA 2400 Washington Avenue, 2nd 23607 757-926-8861

Newport News Town and City Halls provide municipal services for the Newport News community, including playing a role in code enforcement in Virginia. The Town or City Hall may be responsible for ensuring compliance with building codes and investigating possible building code violations in Newport News. They maintain records on code enforcement, the current Virginia building code, and approved and rejected building plans. Town and City Halls may also issue investigation reports on building code violations and any punishments or abatement orders for violations in Newport News. The Town or City Hall may provide code enforcement records online through its website.

Newport News City Hall Newport News VA 2400 Washington Avenue 23607 757-247-8618